Annuities for Retirement Income

When you’re looking for ways to supplement your income in retirement, annuities can present a smart option, depending on your situation. Annuities provide regular payments, tax benefits, and potential death benefits. And annuities can be worked into a plan that includes many other innovative solutions to ensure that your wealth is protected throughout retirement and beyond.

What The Quantum Group Offers

At The Quantum Group, we understand annuities at every level and have proven resources to systematically accumulate money for your retirement. We have access to the country’s top-rated insurance carriers, and we can secure the best possible solution to meet your financial goals and needs. We can help you design a plan that provides both healthy financial growth and asset protection.

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What is a Fixed Indexed Annuity?

Are you looking for a retirement solution you can’t outlive? A fixed indexed annuity may be the answer. Fixed indexed annuities can be complex but offer a number of benefits—most notably principal protection in down markets.

An annuity of any type will offer a long-term savings plan that can be used to accumulate assets on a tax-deferred basis for retirement and can generate a guaranteed stream of income. However, when you’re looking for better growth potential, you may want to choose a fixed indexed annuity versus a traditional fixed annuity. This type is also known to provide less risk than a variable annuity.

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Why Trust The Quantum Group for Annuities and Wealth Protection Services?

At The Quantum Group, we know that higher net worth individuals often struggle to find a trustworthy resource that genuinely knows how to secure your wealth and optimize insurance products to meet your business, personal, and estate planning goals. That’s why we’re a different kind of wealth security and insurance solutions provider.

We are collaborative. We listen. And, most of all—we care. Our team helps to achieve financial goals with clear communication between all of the client’s advisors. When the legal, tax, investment, and insurance expertise are communicated effectively, the client wins!

Fixed Annuities are long term insurance contracts and there is a surrender charge imposed generally during the first 5 to 7 years that you own the annuity contract. Withdrawals prior to age 59-1/2 may result in a 10% IRS tax penalty, in addition to any ordinary income tax. Any guarantees of the annuity are backed by the financial strength of the underlying insurance company.

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