Cost-Effective Options for Group & Voluntary Employee Benefits

Are you a business owner or leader in charge of making benefits purchasing decisions for your organization? You likely already know that the second-largest expense after employee salaries and equipment is benefits. From health insurance to additional benefits such as life insurance, dental, and disability income protection, these costs are significant and escalate annually. But your group benefits program doesn’t have to break the bank.

At The Quantum Group, we have expertise and partnerships to identify the most cost-effective group benefits available and develop a strategy to manage costs as you grow your business.

What The Quantum Group Offers

In short, we provide business leaders with appropriate and cost-effective options that ensure your employees have a benefits package that provides for their needs—so you can retain top talent and continue growing your business. This includes group benefits, as well as voluntary, employee-paid offerings that give your valued team the choices they deserve.

Group Benefits Programs for Businesses

Did you know that employee benefits rates typically increase at a proportion substantially higher than most company’s profits? Annual increases of 12%-14% have become expected, and far greater increases are not unusual.

It is a critical part of expense management to review your benefits plan designs each year, looking at the near, mid, and long term. All too often, a company’s benefits structure fits well when the business is small but cannot be maintained when growth occurs and costs increase.

Working with a qualified consultant like our team at The Quantum Group to evaluate your plans and how they integrate with your business will pave the way for success.

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Voluntary Benefits Programs for Employee Benefits Cost Containment

As employee benefits costs continue to escalate, managing those expenses has never been more critical. Voluntary, employee-paid benefits offer a way to maintain—and even expand—current benefit offerings without adding any corporate cost. In fact, many such programs decrease an employer’s payroll tax each pay period, increasing the bottom line.

The Quantum Group works with several qualified partners to present your business with attractive benefits that serve as recruiting and retention tools. Voluntary benefits provide a menu of options where employees may select only those benefits they find pertinent and pay the related cost through payroll deduction. All product options enhance the existing portfolio of benefits and create a comprehensive package.

The Quantum Group: Better Communication Yields Better Results

Not many wealth security and insurance brokerage firms are excellent at communication. We never could understand that. At The Quantum Group, we always take the time to talk with our clients, keeping you—and your other investment, legal, and tax advisors—in the loop to make sure your financial position is optimized.

When you’re ready to experience a better approach to structuring your business’s benefits effectively and keeping costs contained, you need The Quantum Group.

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