Long Term Care Insurance Solutions that Protect Your Assets

While most people understand the value and importance of life insurance today, far fewer consider the advantages that a long term care (LTC) protection plan can offer. Long term care protection can be designed to optimize asset protection for you and your loved ones.

At The Quantum Group, we understand your needs and provide comprehensive LTC solutions that give you better peace of mind.

What The Quantum Group Offers

The Quantum Group offers solutions for you, your spouse, and your family if there is a need for extended care in a licensed facility or at home due to illness or injury. LTC protection can help protect assets, protect your estate, and help preserve an individual’s freedom of choice and dignity.

LTC policies can be custom-built to your specific needs, and, in many situations, a policy can be bought and paid for at an early age while one is still in their prime income-earning years. The policy cost may also be paid for in a very tax-effective manner. The Quantum Group will help you identify the appropriately designed protection and the most effective way to pay for it.

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Why is Long Term Care Insurance Necessary?

Long term care services may be necessary at any age. Someone younger may have a heart attack, stroke, or a chronic illness such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis—and an older adult may gradually begin to need assistance with day-to-day living. This level of care can be costly and can significantly deplete or even wipe out a sizeable estate.

Because neither medical insurance nor Medicare is designed to pay for the long term care services, LTC protection will help provide a way to pay for this care—and protect your family’s assets—while you remain in control of where and how you receive care.

Are you ready to get started with LTC insurance that’s designed for your specific circumstances? The Quantum Group is here for you.

Why Trust The Quantum Group for Your LTC Insurance Needs?

At The Quantum Group, we know that wealthy individuals often struggle to find a trustworthy resource that genuinely knows how to secure their wealth and optimize insurance products to manage risk and meet their business, personal, and estate planning goals.

We are collaborative. We listen. And, most of all—we care. Our team assures financial goals are achieved with clear communication between all of the client’s advisors. When the legal, tax, investment, and insurance expertise are communicated effectively, the client wins!

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