Tax Mitigation Solutions from The Quantum Group

You have worked hard all your life to provide the best for yourself and your family. No matter how large an estate you build, taxes can consume a significant portion of your wealth at death and force the untimely liquidation of real estate holdings or an operating business. The good news is that these taxes can be mitigated with the right solutions—and The Quantum Group is here to help.

What The Quantum Group Offers

Utilizing a variety of creative wealth security strategies, The Quantum Group helps individuals and families at all wealth levels minimize their exposure to tax on their earned income, the growth of their assets, and the passing of their assets to the next generation(s).

Whether you are beginning the estate planning process, looking ahead to retirement, or simply want to ensure that your current life insurance policies  are properly structured, we have solutions that will protect your assets while reducing your tax exposure.

Estate Planning

The Quantum Group provides expertise to ensure that your estate is structured in the most tax-efficient manner. Our team of experts works with your legal and tax advisors to develop an estate plan that best suits your personal and business goals.

It is often as simple as updating a will or creating an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT). Other times, it involves more complex planning techniques. We are deeply experienced in working through all estate planning scenarios to keep your money where it belongs—among your family, loved ones, charitable organization(s) and/or foundation(s).

Income and estate tax laws are constantly changing. Our strategic alliances with the country’s foremost legal and tax experts help us keep you abreast of revisions that impact your estate plan.

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Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation (NQDC) Retirement Plans

NQDC plans emerged because of the cap on contributions to Qualified Retirement Plans, such as IRAs, Profit Sharing Plans, etc.. High-income earners cannot contribute the same proportion to their tax-deferred retirement savings as average or low-income earners. Therefore, NQDC plans are a way for high-income earners to defer the actual ownership of income and avoid income taxes on their earnings while enjoying tax-favorable investment growth.

The Quantum Group can help business leaders establish NQDC plans for selected officers and other key employees as a form of fringe benefit not available to a company’s other employees. These types of plans can be added to an employee benefits package but should be set up by a knowledgeable advisor who can help you weigh your employee benefits options across the board.

Why Trust The Quantum Group to Help You Reduce Your Tax Burden?

At The Quantum Group, we know that wealthy individuals often struggle to find a trustworthy resource that genuinely knows how to secure their wealth and optimize insurance products to manage risk and meet their business, personal, and estate planning goals.

We are collaborative. We listen. And, most of all—we care. Our team assures financial goals are achieved with clear communication between all of the client’s advisors. When the legal, tax, investment, and insurance expertise are communicated effectively, the client wins!

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